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Who is the face of CareOregon?

Who is the face of CareOregon?

Member Profile: Kayla Cordrayrae, age 13

Kayla Cordrayrae was one of the members photographed recently by internationally known photographer, Bruce Davidson. Below is Kayla's story.

Kayla Cordrayrae is a warm, funny 13-year-old who loves spending time with the family’s three dogs, watching movies and going camping. She is close to her siblings, likes to talk to her friends over the phone, and enjoys listening to country music.
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No bland brand at CareOregon

Trek down to Pioneer Place and visit the Apple computer store. Go another few blocks and hang a while in Niketown. Go in any direction and stop at Starbucks.

As long as we’re talking brands, let’s talk about the best.
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From good to great
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What I did on my summer vacation

What would you do if someone offered you the chance to go on a Celtic Pilgrimage to four different countries?  Not for everybody, but I said, YES! 
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What was your first job?

Chris Pizzuto
The first time I made money doing something was mowing lawns for some elderly people in my neighborhood.  (My father was determined to teach me work ethic, or something like that). My first "real" job was a customer service clerk at Fred Meyer.  I worked in the home and gardens department, which meant I got to make keys for people, mix paint and water the plants. 
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Making Our First Million

1,149,817 and counting!

As of this writing, that’s the number of claims – paid or denied – processed by members of our claims department, since the claims processing function was brought in-house in October last year.

Also, read Colleen Crace's article, Implementing QNXT: “We hit the ground running”
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Lynn Shoemaker races for
competitive dragon boat team

Any given weekend morning, a group of 20 athletes gathers along a boat dock under the Hawthorne Bridge. Clad in black and Wasabi green, and focused on the task at hand, they have their “game faces” on as they board the boats, paddles in hand.

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Health Living:
10 Easy Things to do for good health:

The Humble Banana
Don't laugh! Eating a banana every day is one of the best things you can do for your health.
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The Humble Banana

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E-san - Thai Restaurant133 SW 2nd and Pine, E-san serves lunch from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily.

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What's cookin'?

Mole Sauce

Olga's secret family recipe ... printed here for the first time.


Try this delicious, healthy and easy to make soup.

The Finance Department welcomes three new members

LeAnn Wood, who grew up in Central Oregon, joined us June 27.  Her husband, Dan, is a motorcycle buff and LeAnn always rode behind him on his bike. 
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Our New Building

5 Easy Ways to Keep It Nice

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