3,100 Reasons Why Care Coordination Works
by Eleanor Gorman
Read on ... this is history in the making

CareOregon RNs
CareOregon RNs, from left to right: Marcia Taylor, Connie Burroughs, 5th Street "Kvinneakt" woman, Terri Schwarz, Debbie Root, Consuelo Vazquez and Sheryl Sherman (not shown: Cheryl Hoffert).

A new and innovative CareOregon program has saved over $6 million while significantly improving the health of 3,100 members over the past year. By working one-on-one with members, our Care Coordination teams made up of Health Care Guides, RNs and Behavioral Health Coordinators helped members stabilize their health and reduce emergency department visits and hospital stays.

The CareOregon RNs provide clinical leadership within each of the Care Coordination teams.

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What's Your L Factor?
by Maileen Hamto
Nita FreemanThere is a growing body of evidence that supports what your Momma has told you all along: it pays to be nice.

From USA Today to the Harvard Business Review, much has been written about the importance of being nice and likeable on the job. Here at CareOregon, we need not look beyond our own "backyard" to gain new and refreshing insights on the issue.

"It's part of our culture here at CareOregon, the performance expectation that everyone treats others with honesty, courtesy, dignity, and respect," says Cathy Merge, Organizational Development Specialist.
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The Times They are a Changin'
Ping Pong Anyone?
by Chantay Reid

I am delighted to confirm the rumors that you have heard about space in the new building.  It is true that the lunchroom will have a ping-pong table and a pool table ...

The word “new” is being used a lot at CareOregon in 2006.  We now have grown to over 200 employees with the addition of our new employees.  We have a new Medicare line of business and we have a new building that is under construction. 
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Can you guess how many new employees we hired in 2005?

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Dining With Meredith

Thinking Past the Rain,
Toward Grilling Season
by Meredith Brooks

I lived in the Sonoma Wine Country of Northern California for two years before returning home to Portland and joining the team at CareOregon. I did not truly appreciate how essential food and wine are the way of life in that region until I experienced it for myself. Cooking and wine happen to be a couple of my passions, so the region suited me well.

The pinnacle of each fall harvest is the Sonoma County Wine Awards Night held annually in late September.   
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Medicare Update and Launch
CareOregon Enters Medicare: how did we get here?
by Pat Curran

Note: As incentive to read on, the first person to send me an e-mail with the correct answers to all three trivia questions wins a $10 Starbucks card.

CareOregon launched its new Medicare plan, CareOregon Advantage, on January 1st. Though the transition dust has not settled, more than 5,000 people now have Medicare and Medicaid coverage through us.How did we get here? Rewind the 8-track to 1964. That year, Congress signed into law Medicare and Medicaid. They were part of the Great Society programs launched by President Johnson.
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Emily's Legislative Update
Tobacco Tax Effort is Underway
by Emily Katz

With the failure of the Oregon State Legislature to reinstate the $.10 tobacco tax during the 2005-2007 legislative session, Representives Billy Dalto, Mitch Greenlick, and Senator Ben Westlund filed a petition for a ballot initiative that would raise the tobacco tax $.60 over the next two years.

CareOregon is DHS Success
If you have been reading the Oregonian during the month of January, chances are you saw a number of articles dealing with the Department of Human Services budget shortfall...
...CareOregon is not letting the success stories of DHS go unnoticed.

Dr. Labby Testifies before the House Task Force on the Oregon Health Plan
Dr. David Labby, medical director at CareOregon, recently testified in front of the House Task Force on Oregon Health Plan. www.leg.state.or.us.
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How 'bout Lunch?
Check it out!
Three of our own review local street vendors

The Whole BowlStreet Food Pioneer Square
by Joanne Skirving
Shelly's Honkin' Hugh Burritos
The Whole Bowl
No Fish Go Fish
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5th Avenue Street Vendors
Locos Locos Burrito
Thai Sky

by Lorraine Houck

Mesquite Chicken Bento
by Jackie Brajavich
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This You Gotta See ...
CareOregon Gallery

Maileen Hamto
I’ve been an amateur photographer for nearly 10 years, and enjoy shooting just about anything. My introduction to photography occurred when I worked as a reporter for a weekly newspaper. I shot photos at events, and mugs and action shots of people I interviewed for stories.
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Lia Boyarshinova

Let’s see … I came to the U.S. seven years ago because my husband is from Portland.  I met him in Russia, where he was working for the Peace Corps teaching English. 

I have an Interior Design degree from a Russian University, but I never worked in the field.  Instead, my first job was at Ogilvy & Mather’s Moscow office, an advertising agency doing ads for a huge tobacco company (Rothman’s … and I'm a non-smoker) and a liquor maker. 

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Movie Talk
Walk the Line
by Colette Gregg

You come away from "Walk the Line" understanding the true meaning of three things: Johnny Cash was THE man in black, June Carter was THE great love of his life, and the songs he sang told HIS stories.
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The Constant Gardener
by Colette Gregg

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t get all the “hype” surrounding “The Constant Gardner.”  While “The Constant Gardner” brings a multi-level awareness to many issues in Africa, and has a cast of talented actors (Rachel Weiss and Ray Fiennes) as well as incredible cinematography, the story itself is dry and doesn’t flow very well.

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Four Brothers
by Eleanor Gorman

My husband and I recently rented Four Brothers and found it to be a moving and well-developed story. It's about four tight-knit brothers who look nothing alike - two are black, two are white, but who know the meaning of family.

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The Chronicles of Narnia

by Kelly and Megan Delmore

The Chronicles of Narnia
is for the young at heart with an adventurous spirit. It takes place in a far-off magical land inside a wardrobe where two brothers and sisters find themselves learning the importance of family as they fight a battle full of mythical creatures.
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The Quality Improvement Department and the Complaints Process
Everything seems sunnier from the beach, even complaints...

By Sue Staples and Jane Faulkner
Care Coordination Unit

Sue Staples and Jane Faulkner in the Quality Improvement Department are responsible for reviewing complaints; Sue from her beachside office on the Washington Peninsula and Jane from the 3rd floor. We report to Ann Blume, Quality Improvement Manager.
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Let's be an Earth-Friendly Workplace
by Melissa Criswell

Did you know that almost half of Oregon’s garbage is generated by businesses, and most of that still could be recycled? For example, 25 percent of the garbage that businesses throw away – more than 120,000 tons annually – is paper that is fully recyclable. There are a lot of things each of us can do here at work that can help change this alarming statistic. The first step is to keep in mind the well-known motto ‘reduce, reuse & recycle.’
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Read the Poetry of William Scriven, Communications Department

Barbara Thomas, Member Services, semi-retires after nearly 8 years of service.

Did you know that Member Services Representative Julie Joachims is also a Production Manager for a local TV program?

CareOregon employees raise heart disease awareness on Wear Red Day, Friday, February 3.
HR Corner
by Chantay Reid, Claudia Lashley, and Rhonda Palos

Welcome Tom DeVaney

Wellness Program

Discount Programs

Time Sheet Tips
Providence Security Issue Talking Points
The theft of patient information records from Providence Health Systems -- reported to authorities on New Year's Eve -- affects about 365,000 patients who receive care from Providence Home Services.
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Watch your Netiquette!
by Eleanor Gorman
Here are a few guidelines for communicating via email. Please let me know if you have something you would like to add to the list.

Take the time to use common courtesy in all written communications, including email.  Don't write anything you wouldn't say in public.

Clearly summarize the contents of your message in the subject line.

Do not copy or forward a message or attachments without the author’s permission. 

If you are only making a quick query, then keep it short and to the point. Avoid long sentences.

Avoid offensive language of any kind.

Do not overuse the Reply to All function.

Take the time to proof your message … always read your email before you send it.  Use the spell check.

Use the cc field sparingly.  Try not to use the cc: field unless the recipient in the cc: field knows why they are receiving a copy of the message.
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