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Click to Enlarge Photo:  CareOregon in AlaskaSouth from Alaska
Everyone knows health care is broken.  So can CareOregon help fix it? 

Last August CareOregon led a delegation of 30 people (a small portion of the group is represented in this photo) to look at the innovative clinical system that has been created by the Southcentral Foundation, an Alaska Native health care system serving about 50,000 in the Anchorage area.

Photograph by Dee Morris
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Sharing the Holiday Spirit:
Member Gift Drive Off to a Great Start

Many of us at CareOregon choose to work here because we care about families and individuals who need a bit of a help, a boost in their lives. It’s fulfilling to know that the work we do makes an impact on the health – and lives – of real people. Can’t say enough about how wonderful it is to work alongside compassionate and selfless folks who put in countless hours to help our members.

Beyond doing well in our work duties, however, many staff members tell us that they want to go above and beyond the call of duty to reach out. Have you ever finished talking with a member in trouble (or just heard about one) and wished there was a way you could help?

Now there is.

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Election Update - How will it effect us? On November 7, 2006 Oregon voters overwhelmingly rejected two potentially harmful ballot measures (41 & 48) that would have drastically reduced the state’s budget for health care and other services.  Voters also overwhelmingly approved (78%) ballot measure 44, which expands the Oregon Prescription Drug Purchasing Pool to all Oregonians currently without prescription drug coverage. 
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Janice Joplin in Concert15 Seconds of Fame:
Have you had a chance encounter with a celebrity?
Here are your surprising answers

Had a beer with Janet Joplin
Had Abbey Hoffman over to dinner
Interviewed Stevie Wonder
Went to a party with Jane Fonda
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A House Blooms in Alberta

Sue Crites Alberta District BungalowThis summer, as the rest of us were spending our weekends or vacations walking the beach at the Coast, camping in Southern Oregon or having a backyard barbeque, Sue Crites, Executive Assistant to Fritz Rankin, was spending endless hours, days and weeks scraping, repairing, priming and painting the exterior of her 1920s craftsman bungalow-style home in the Alberta Arts District of Portland.

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Staff Profile:
Dora Montgomery

Dora Montgomery was born in San Antonia, Texas into a family of eight children.  She grew up in an all-Hispanic family and culture until age 6, at which time she was required to learn the English language to enter the public school system.  Her Mother, who never went to school, wanted her daughter to be educated and she asked, Miss Myers, a woman in the neighborhood who did ironing for the family to teach English to Dora.  Miss Myers did not speak Spanish, so taught Dora English only by showing her pictures.
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Building Bridges
Essay Contest Winners

Customer Service Week 2006
Building Bridges to Customers

October 2-6, 2006 was National Customer Service Week.  The theme for this year was Building Bridges to Customers. 

The winners of the essay competition were Anita Vermilya, Joscelyn Polk and Emilia Guerra. Congratulations!

Read the winning recipe of the customer service recipe competition - Martin Campos' Chocoflan.
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Where is she?

CareOregon RNs with Fifth Avenue Woman
The lovely and sometimes controversial bronze female statue that stood proudly on Fifth Avenue for so many years has been removed by the City of Portland due to the Tri-Met project. Have you seen her? Be the first person to tell us where she is and win a Starbuck's gift card.

How are we doin'?
Here are a few interesting statistics about the last staff newsletter, distributed on September 6:

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What I did on my summer vacation, By Claudia Lashley
What Was Your First Job?
Member Profile: Kayla Cordrayrae By Maileen Hamto

New Jersey
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