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Migrant CampVirginia Garcia's Migrant Farm Camp Mobile Clinic
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On August 7, 8 and 9 a team from CareOregon joined the staff of Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center, Cornelius in a volunteer effort to educate and improve the health of the migrant farm workers in this area.

Nicole Friedman
Summer Intern, CareSupport

The people who live in Campo Blanco begin their workday when most people are still asleep. They are proud people who hold on to their Mexican heritage and remember who they are and where they came from. ... In a small tidy kitchen women and men of all ages peel potatoes, wash dishes and fry tortillas.

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What are those CareSupport folks up to?
An Interview with Rebecca Ramsay, CareSupport Unit Manager
by Jerry Rhodes, Communications Writer

Recently Jerry Rhodes met with Rebecca Ramsay, CareSupport Unit Manager, to talk about the innovative approach they’re taking, from the way they structure their work environment to how we provide care to our members.

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Donita Smith Talks About our New Mothers Program
by Donita Smith, Health Care Guide

Donita Smith, CareOregon Health Care Guide, with our member, Bobbi Cunningham and family
Health Care Guide, Donita Smith, with member, Bobbi Cunningham and her family

Our OB program in the CareSupport Unit involves Anita Peterson and I making calls to our moms who have recently delivered. We offer help and assistance to new moms, helping them learn to navigate through the health care system with specific emphasis on promoting baby/doctor relationship connections. The program involves a series of follow-up calls to further support and educate in all other aspects of their health and well-being, including awareness of the signs of post-partum depression.

Opposite is one such mom, who through this connection has said "I’m happy and surprised that my insurance company would care enough about me and my family’s health and welfare to make calls to see if I’m getting everything I need."

Smile ... it's good for your health!
From OregonLive.com
by Margie Boule
Oregonian Staff

Jeremy BrownAn easy thing we can all do for our health is to smile! This article from The Oregonian outlines the surprising benefits of a happy outlook.

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The River of Doubt:
Theodore Roosevelt's Darkest Journey, by Candice Millard
A book review by Peter McGarry
Provider Services Director

If you are like me, at some point in the next 12 months you’ll find yourself disenchanted with the posturing, soundbytes and reaction to incessant CNN polling that make up today’s presidential character. Do yourself a favor and read the story of Teddy Roosevelt’s post-presidential trek down an unexplored Amazon tributary in The River Of Doubt by Candice Millard.

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A CSSI Recipient Joins CareOregon Staff
Meet Joyce Caramella, Medical Management/Quality Improvement
by Jerry Rhodes, Communications Writer
Joyce CaramellaJoyce Caramella, RN, has been with CareOregon for just a little while. August 28 was her first day as a quality improvement coordinator. But you might say that Joyce has been a part of CareOregon since 2005, and has a unique perspective.

Two years ago, Joyce won funding from the CSSI Program for a quality improvement project she’d designed for her employer, Adventist Health Medical Clinics.

Joyce lives in Oregon City with her husband, Larry, their chocolate lab, Lady Jaciva, and their cat, Tyler.  Please stop by the fifth floor to say hello and welcome Joyce to the CareOregon family.
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Emily Katz, Public Policy ManagerHealthy Kids Plan Update

by Emily Katz
Public Policy Manager
On November 6th, voters will decide on a very important health care ballot measure.  Measure 50, also known as the “Healthy Kids Plan” would provide low or no cost health coverage to all Oregon children and some of the lowest income families and adults.  This would be done through an $.84/pack increase in the state tobacco tax.
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Compiled by Joanne Skirving, Technical Writer

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Don't Forget Your Flu Shot!Mark your calendars ... CareOregon will offer its annual free flu shot clinic on Tuesday, November 6 from 9 a.m. until noon.

Around Town
with Lorraine Houck
Enrollment Specialist

Lorraine HouckThis time of the year unfortunately brings the end of summer. Soon all of the farmers markets, waterfront festivities, flowers in the yard and yes…even the sunshine will fade. Nothing to be down about it though! There are still many things to enjoy as we invite the beautiful fall to our neighborhood.

Read Lorraine's review of Cannibals (don't let the name scare you!), CHA Taquiria and Bar, and the wonders of Oregon's Hood River Valley.

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A Hawk lives on 5th
An amazing photograph taken by Dee Morris Executive Assistant to Dave Ford

A Poem
by Rebecca Whetstine
Credentialing Specialist

Habitat for Humanity
Our staff helped to build a house in North Portland

Let's Be Earth-Friendly
by Melissa Criswell-Sircy
Executive Assistant
Public Policy

LaTonia Foster heads up our Diversity Team
LaTonia FosterLaTonia Foster joined CareOregon July 2006 as a Census Utilization Management Assistant.  LaTonia has been involved with our Cultural Awareness Committee (formerly called the Diversity Cultural Competency Team) from its beginning here at CareOregon.  When Maileen left to join United Way, LaTonia accepted the challenge to chair the committee, and she is excited about working with the team.

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