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Palouse Panorama, photographed by Jerry Rhodes, Communications
Wheat fields after the harvest, Palouse area, Washington (40 x 10 inches) - Photograph by Jerry Rhodes

Your vote counts!Legislative Update

This i the first column on politics to appear in the SPIRIT.   I hope you take this in the "spirit" that is intended.   This is a lens into politics (one of many in your life).  The editorial is intended to give you a view of how politics looks through the eyes of CareOregon’s perspective as an advocate for 100,000 people who depend on our services.   This is not intended to "tell you" what to believe or how to vote (but I won’t mince words about the impacts things have on our members).
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James Schroeder in Iraq
"Me and some kids in Northern Iraq.  The village in the background was the first village bombed by Saddam Hussein with chemical weapons.  Two out of three people were killed in that attack about 20 years ago."
- James Schroeder, Director of Healthcare Systems

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Welcome James Schroeder, Director of Healthcare Systems

CareOregon CEO Dave Ford has announced the selection of James Schroeder as CareOregon Provider Relations Director. James replaces Peter McGarry, who has taken a position with PacificSource Health Plans.

"My wife, Maxine, and I have two children, a daughter, Tory, age eight and a son, Quinn, age seven. Maxine is a registered dietitian and diabetes educator.

I'm really busy most of the time, but enjoy hiking and running.  I am passionate about gardening (flowers, vegetables, trees).  I lov
e to read and I am usually reading two to three books at any given time.  I also enjoy cooking and a good glass of wine, preferably red."
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Kerrie Hubbard and Dr. Kate MorrisProject Access: In her own words ...

Editor's Note: Kerrie Hubbard, a Project Access Now recipient, shares the story of her cancer diagnosis and treatment.

My stomach churned and rolled as I pushed against my bike pedals, grinding up the hill just outside of Neskowin.

Cresting the top, my stomach won the battle I’d been waging and I lost my breakfast. Why was riding so hard this summer?  I couldn’t put my finger on it, but something was off. I tired too easily and felt sluggish all the time. I never got ahead of the training curve. My weary body felt pushed to the limit.

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A Tradition of Gardening

Gardening has been an evolutionary process for me.  I grew up with a large vegetable garden that my mother and father tended.  Mostly I just got to eat from the garden.  I don’t know why working in the garden wasn’t one of my chores, but it wasn’t. 

My favorite gardening activity was to take a salt shaker with me and eat ripe tomatoes like apples ripe and warm from the sun.  Squash or beets were not my favorites but I liked the pickled beets that my mother canned each year.

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Panoramas of the West
I’ve enjoyed taking panoramic photos since I was in seventh grade and bought a wide angle auxiliary lens for my Kodak Instamatic. My interest took off when I was in my 20s and helped put together four-projector, dual-screen slide shows to train forest firefighters.

Tips for Busy Cooks
How to save time and money
in the kitchen

With all the pressures of modern life, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find time to prepare well-balanced, healthy meals. I’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks I use to get more out of my time in and around of the kitchen.
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Three Weeks in Asia

In March of this past year, as part of the curriculum for a graduate program I'm completing at Portland State University, fifty of my classmates and I went on a three-week field study trip to Asia.  We visited Tokyo, Japan; Seoul, South Korea; and Beijing and Shanghai, China to gain additional understanding of the cultures and business practices within each of these countries. 
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Healthy Living from A to Z
Healthy Living from A to Z

Accept change. Breathe deeply. Call your mother. Diet correctly. Eat veggies. Favor fish. Get a flu shot. Help others. Imagine. Just relax. Know your provider. Laugh out loud.
Make music. Nap. Offer praise. Plant a bulb. Quit smoking.
Rake leaves. Savor the season. Try tap water. Use your Healthwise Handbook. Vote. Walk a dog. eXude cheer. Yell for your team.
Zestfully live.

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We have a new name!
Have you noticed?
CareOregon SPIRIT

got training?
How do I request QNXT training?

If you would like QNXT training simply fill out a Training Request Form. The form along with class summaries and QNXT training documents is located on the I:\ drive in the CareOregon Training folder.

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Did you know we print our handbook in Braile?
Did you know ...

that we print our member handbook in braile?
Did you know that we go that extra mile for our visually challenged members?  If a CareOregon member is visually impaired and needs a new member packet in audio tape or Braille format we accommodate that need.
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