SPIRIT Winter 2009
CareOregon Exhibits Member Photos in Washington, DC
Photos of CareOregon members
bring life to the health care debate in Washington, D.C.

Too often, amid the health care reform debate’s mind-numbing statistics—how many millions of Americans are without health insurance (45 million, at last count), how many more are within one illness of personal financial disaster—those who are affected most by health care are lost.

In February, CareOregon members helped put faces to the numbers. At the invitation of the Association for Community Affiliated Plans (ACAP), photos of CareOregon members taken by Bruce Davidson were displayed in the Russell Senate Office Building Rotunda.
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The Changing of the Guard - The New Washington

It is official …change has come to Washington, DC!  I was among a record crowd of nearly two million people who visited the National Mall on January 20th to celebrate President Obama’s inauguration.

Already there have been several health policy changes at the federal level that will have a positive impact on CareOregon’s current and future members. 
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Legislative Update

CareOregon remains hopeful that the current economic crisis is creating an opportunity for transformational thinking.   We have been advocates for health care reform and expanding access.

These are calls for change that have been raised and ignored since the creation of Medicaid in the 1960s.  It is possible that our present circumstances as a nation and as a state will act as a catalyst for bold action.
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Ly NguyenMy Other Grandmother

Five years ago Ly Nguyen travelled to Vietnam for the first time and met the woman she had known as Nana. Ly had heard so much about Nana from her mother when she was growing up. 
Ly’s grandmother Nu Thi Nguyen was a young woman just married in Vietnam when she was grocery shopping and saw a small child, about five years old, sitting on the road.  She stopped and talked to the girl and learned that she had been abandoned at birth and had run away from an orphanage.  Nu Thi felt compelled to help the little girl and asked if she would like to come home with her.

“My grandmother found her in the streets and took her in and treated her like her own daughter,” said Ly.
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Bowling LeagueBowling Anyone?

Since Innovation Week many CareOregonians have had a chance to do some bowling, tennis, golf, baseball, etc. in the 10th floor lunch room on our Wii.  As innovative and cutting edge as the Nintendo Wii console is, it cannot take the place of the real thing. 

Recently the tech staff and a couple of extras have begun bowling on a league at Interstate Lanes in Portland.  The league is more about having fun and hanging out than bowling a 300 (perfect game).
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The "soft skills"
Customer Service leads off new
HEART training program

Something was different.

Laurien Hamilton, director of patient services at Adventist Health’s Walla Walla General Hospital, could tell after she’d talked to the third customer service representative.

"As a director, I’m not in a position where I contact CareOregon a lot," she says. "But this was a difficult case, and I needed to make several calls.

"I spoke to several representatives and they were so wonderful, so pleasant, so helpful. Each of them asked me if there was anything else they could do for me. It was a great experience."
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KermitGreen is the New Black

Let’s face it: Portland likes to brag. We’re a progressive little metropolis and, though we may not adore the endless months of cloud-cover, we love our pretty green city. Whether it's the new pipeline project to clean up the Willamette, a company’s decision to support a “green” initiative, or a family’s dedication to turn the heat down a few degrees at night—every little bit helps to keep our city beautiful, our air breathable, and our population happy and healthy.
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