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What is "Lean?"

The foundational principles of Lean support and confirm our current API efforts.

Lean helps us to identify areas of waste and givies us the capacity to do more work that is innovative. One of the principles of the Lean philosophy is respect for people.

"Waste" however, refers to process not people; it doesn’t indicate that the employee is deficient or not working hard.  Waste in processes may cause people to work too hard by firefighting, dealing with interruptions and reworking mistakes.  This is the result of systems that don’t work, not bad people.  
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Uganda girl - new piercings.
A Transformational Journey to Africa

During the first three weeks of January, I visited Uganda with a group from Rotary International. I was asked to share in SPIRIT what I learned that might better help some of our constituents.

Winston Churchill once called Uganda “the pearl of Africa.” It lies alongside Lake Victoria and astride both the Equator and the Nile River. It’s fertile and beautiful.
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Pam Mariea-Nason and Paul Corrigan
Pam Mariea-Nason, Director Public Policy and Community Engagement, and Paul Corrigan, British National Health Service.
"There needs to be continuous questioning,” Corrigan said. “The crucial thing is not to give up."

A Visit from the British National Health Service (NHS)

Helen Bevan and Paul Corrigan, of the National Health Service (NHS) were invited to speak by CareOregon in collaboration with the Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems and the Oregon Nurses Association.

“There are many lessons we can learn from the successes in other countries,” explains CareOregon CEO Dave Ford. “That’s the reason for inviting world experts on health care transformation to Oregon, such as Bevan and Corrigan from NHS and representatives of Jönköping, Sweden, in 2008.”

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A Good Read

I bet many of you have never heard of the author, and inquiring minds want to know: Is she related to F. Scott? Zelda? Is her name really Penelope? Has she had a book on Oprah? The answers to these questions are no, no, yes, and not likely.

Not finding a book by the other Fitzgerald (F. Scott) at the library, I picked instead a book titled The Bookshop and took it home.

¿Quién sabe Resoluciones del Año Nuevo?
Our Spanish Radio Campaign

Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution and failed to keep it?

This year CareOregon made a resolution to help make others more successful in their resolutions to live more healthy lifestyles. Others for whom, quite literally, New Year’s Resolution is a foreign language.

Kelly DelmoreKelly finds her groove!

I hope by sharing my experience in becoming healthier, it will help motivate someone else to make a change in their life. A couple years ago, I weighed 182 pounds! That is a lot, considering I'm only 5’4” tall!  A couple things motivated me to change; my doctor had made reference to my weight gain over the last few years and for health reasons, suggested I do something about it.

Thanks to the weight I’ve lost and my new fitness level I feel better about myself and I like who I see when I look in the mirror. It’s not about the numbers but about liking who you are. I have a better outlook on life and my kids are proud of me.

Earth Day - 40 Years Later

Earth Day is just around the corner, on April 22, and this year marks its 40th Anniversary. The Green Team will help you celebrate at work, providing fun activities and prizes in the hopes that everyone will take a few minutes to get involved.

Remember the pledge tree from last year? Did you succeed in meeting your goal to be more “green,” run into barriers or decide to tackle another eco-challenge?  We would love to hear from you! Send an e-mail to the Green Team telling us about your green accomplishment
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Legislative Update

The recently passed health care reform legislation will continue to allow CareOregon to fulfill our mission; to assure access to high-quality health care for low-income Oregonians. 

CareOregon’s priorities around access, coverage, innovation, quality, payment reform, and the ability to grow our membership and business are all enabled by this historic legislation. One of the most important policies for CareOregon is Medicaid expansion.
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Check out this interview with Pam Maria-Nason on the new Quality Corp Web site. Pam represented CareOregon on a committee that developed a site that allows patients and providers to examine clinic service quality.

We’re Healthy Together!

Almost everyone in CareOregon has taken part in one or more of the CareOregon wellness activities over the last year. And what a year it was! We made great strides toward healthier lifestyles.
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Financial Peace?

Most of us think those are two words that don’t go together, right? Well, the first CareOregon class that completed Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (FPU) – Work Place Edition this month would tell you its very possible with some down to earth guidance, group support and lots of hard work.
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Want to change the world? Get started in your own community.
Join volunteers on Saturday, April 24 for . On this single Saturday, more than 1,800 volunteers will plant trees, sort school supplies, paint and meet critical community needs. For additional information visit the Hands On Greater Portland website.

May Day History

Like many festivals and holidays, May Day began as an ancient pagan festival held to celebrate the return of warmth to the earth and the beginning of the growing season. The Druids of the British Isles called the celebration Beltane. Flickering flames rose toward the sky as a symbol of the sun. Read more ...
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