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As a member of the management team Martin helps CareOregon to manage our existing business enterprise and business obligations in a way that will give us the best chance of being successful. 

... "My favorite things are spending time with Addison, my first grader, camping and hiking and back pack travelling around the world.  My more recent hobby is sleep."

As our federal policy manager based in Washington, DC, Emily advocates for CareOregon’s policy goals in a national framework.  She will earn her Masters of Public Health in Health Policy from George Washington University in May 2011. 

... Having lived everywhere from New Zealand, Oregon, Colorado, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Washington, DC, she has a taste for adventure and likes going to new places! 

Erin came to CareOregon after working as a policy advisor in the Oregon Legislature.  She studied Law at the University of Oregon and Public Health at Tulane University. 

Here at CareOregon Erin is the senior manager of State and Federal Health Policy and she is CareOregon's primary contact with Oregon's state agencies. In addition, Erin coordinates our regulatory and legislative policies and helps develop and actualize CareOregon's policy objectives.

... A native Floridian, Erin enjoys fishing on warm sunny days, but in recent years has acquired a taste for backpacking on rainy Oregon trails.
Laura joined the Public Policy team in January as the community affairs and outcomes senior manager.  In her position she is responsible for affinity relations and supporting communities to successfully implement reform policies. Additionally, Laura will be a conduit between policy makers, implementers, and recipients. ... “I enjoy walking with my dog, Sam, and my cat, Roxi – yes she thinks she's a dog and joins our jaunts through the neighborhood.Melissa's role in the Public Policy and Member Centricity department includes coordinating the efforts of our Member Advisory Council (MAC).  The MAC works to ensure the voice of our members influence and improve our operations and services.  She also works with our internal Member Centric Team, which helps to support the MAC and spread their work throughout the company.

... Melissa's life outside work includes going to PSU for a Graduate Certificate in Sustainability and playing with her four-year-old son, Athan. Learn more about our Public Policy and Member Centricity team ...

KOBI films Smart Choices at CareOregon

7-up can be good or bad. If it is the sugar-laden soda pop—it can contribute to obesity and diabetes. It is the 7-upbeat staffers from CareOregon and the CareOregon Community Health Clinic, it can have the opposite effect.

On March 4, 2011, KOBI-TV’s film crew visited CareOregon and the Beaverton clinic to videotape staff with interesting and insightful stories to tell. For the last three years, CareOregon has been one of the sponsors of the Smart Choices, Healthy Lives television campaign that teaches Southern Oregonians how to increase their activity levels and improve nutrition.
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Meet Our Members

Tommy Dickerson has had more jobs in his life than you could shake a stick at.  Just to mention a few he’s been a fireman, police officer, lineman and alligator wrestler.  Tommy worked seven days a week for most of his adult life. Even with his current health issues, he says “It’s hard for me to be retired.” 

Tommy grew up in the bayou of New Orleans and lived there until he and his wife Kay were left without a home after hurricane Katrina and moved to Portland.  Being from New Orleans they said about moving to the Pacific Northwest, “We never knew there was such a thing as a long-sleeved t-shirt!” 
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March is Women's History Month

I find the story of Lynne Twist so compelling and inspirational that I want to keep telling it. Her work with the tribes in the Amazon is having a huge impact on the rainforest and the natives who live there.

The world needs that large forest to stay healthy and there is much to learn from how the tribes live in harmony with the natural world. For me, it always begs the question for those of us in the Western world, what is true progress?

I have always been drawn to women who find and live their passion. If my life could have half the impact of theirs, then I will have done well.

A Message from the
Green Team

Use reusable water bottles and coffee mugs for everyday use.

Take reusable containers for to-go food when buying lunch.

Walk/bike/bus instead of driving

Thanks for all that you do to take care of the Earth!

We celebrate five years of What's Cookin'?

Lite Mac-n-CheeseYes, it's been five years since we launched the first issue of the CareOregon
SPIRIT online newsletter -- formerly known as Who Cares? Over the years we've shared a wonderful collection of staff recipes, and

New in this issue is Julio Villeda's
, Patti Carlson's signature recipe for , and Lorinda Koller invites us to try the recipe for that she and her family recently tested.

Thanks to all recipe contributors.
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Member Open House a Big Success!

CareOregon hosted an Open House for more than 100 members, staff and guests from the community on January 25, 2011.  The event was planned in partnership with our Member Advisory Council (MAC), with the goal of introducing the MAC members to the community and engaging CareOregon members with the MAC’s work. 


In her life outside CareOregon
has worked as Production Manager for the last eight years for PDXposed, an Arts, Travel, and Entertainment show on FOX.  Alaska Airlines became the title sponsor for their new travel show Next Stop that started airing in January 2011.  Julie does communications and media relations for the new show. You can watch it on  Fox 12 at 3:00 Saturdays, and PDXTV channels 13 and 49 at 6:00 p.m. Saturdays, or on the website   you can also  watch it on every Alaska Airline flight, on their DigE players!
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is a tool to use on your web-enabled cell phone when you don't speak the local language.

Service Anniversaries
Nita Freeman 37 years
Lisa Hughet 14 years
Karen Kakuschka 12 years
Marcia Mee 12 years
Sheriva Chan 11 years
Herb Kaaihue 11 years
Virya Petersen 11 years
Monica Jackson 11 years
Echo Lin 10 years
Sarah Wachs 10 years
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