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  April 2012   2012 Vol. 2
Diemer Family
CareOregon members the Diemer family
left to right: Ayda, Janice, Maxwell and Benjamin

Meet the Diemer Family

Eleanor Gorman:
I met the Diemer family at their home in Clackamas on March 20 for a photography appointment.  Connie Burroughs had referred them to me as good candidates for our member photography program. Janice Diemer met me at the door and brought me into the living room to meet the rest of the family; her husband Ben, daughter Ayda and son Maxwell.  They were in good spirits and I was treated like an honored guest in their home.

Eight-year-old Maxwell was on the sofa pursuing his favorite pastime, reading.  Right away he began to tell me about and read passages from the book he was reading;  a volume from “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.”  His five-year-old sister Ayda came into the livingroom in her party dress and two bows in her hair.  She clearly was ready to be photographed.  As I looked at Ayda there was no sign of the serious medical issues and challenges she and her family have faced since her birth.
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A Conversation with Scott Clement, Provider Services Director

Scott Clement, Provider Services Director
Scott Clement,
Provider Services
For Scott Clement, our new provider services director, starting to work at CareOregon is actually returning to work here. From 2001 to 2005, Scott worked in finance for CareOregon, commuting and telecommuting.

Please tell us something about your background and the path that led you to your current position with CareOregon? 

I started my health care career in public health working for what was then the Multnomah County Health Services Division.  I was involved in the first wave of Medicaid managed care in Oregon and have since worked for medical groups, Legacy Health here in Portland and for Regence BlueShield of Idaho.  Also, I worked for CareOregon from 2001 to 2005. I feel extremely fortunate to be back with CareOregon.  This is a very exciting time in health care, in particular here in Oregon.  There is no organization I'd rather be working for.  The people here are great, the mission is right, and we have great leadership. 

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MAC Selects Scholarship Nominee

Ragib Tyuranov
Ragib Tyuranov
Meet Ragib Tyuranov, CareOregon’s nominee for the ACAP 2012 Scholarship Program.

This is the second year that the Association for Community Affiliated Plans has offered a $2,000 scholarship. Each ACAP affiliated plan — 57 in 26 states — was permitted to submit one candidate for the scholarship. The candidates must be plan members, or family of plan members, who are planning careers in health care or social work.

CareOregon received 15 applications. The final selection was made by members of the Member Advisory Council (MAC). MAC members were impressed with the whole pool of applicants. They selected Ragib as CareOregon’s candidate based on his academic record. This is especially impressive as he was simultaneously learning to live with multiple sclerosis and improving his English, which is not his first language.
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Second Annual MAC Open House a Success!

The Member Advisory Council hosted a 2nd Annual Open House for 150 CareOregon members, guests and staff on April 3, 2012. The MAC Open House Committee planned the luncheon as a celebration of the council’s first year and as an opportunity for members to connect with MAC projects.

This year’s interactive event encouraged members to engage in their own health care while discovering more about community and CareOregon resources.

A “Passport to Connecting with MAC” was created to encourage members to participate in a variety of exhibits, while earning stamps towards raffle prizes.
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Making the impossible possible

Steve Jobs

by Walter Isaacson

Steve Jobs, Co-founder of Apple Computer
Steve Jobs,
Co-founder of Apple Computer
Recently I finished Steve Jobs, the biography by Walter Isaacson. As one reviewer on Amazon.com put it, most people don’t think of the terms “biography” and “page turner” in the same context. (I do, but that’s another story.) This biography may be an exception for a lot of people.

The book traces Jobs’ life from his birth to an American mother and a Syrian college student and his adoption . It touches on his brief college career at Portland’s Reed College, his flirtation with rural cooperative farm life and his lifelong interest in Zen Buddhism . And of course, his driving of the company founded in his parents’ garage, to its current position as the largest publicly traded company in the world and the crafting of products that changed the world: Apple II, Macintosh, iPod, iPhone, iPad, iTunes.

It relates his time heading Pixar, the company that revolutionized animated films in the 1990s. And it detailed his complex relationships with family, colleagues and friends, including the decades-long friendship, sometimes partnership and always fierce rivalry with fellow college drop-out Bill Gates.

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