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  Summer 2012   2012 Vol. 4
Coming Home ...
Habitat for Humanity Builds a House for the
Lund Family in seven days!

Ann Lund with daughter Keeley

Keeley Lund Murphy is 18 years old and has been a CareOregon member since she was 18 months old when she was diagnosed with Rett syndrome.  Keeley's was an unusually early diagnosis.  Ann brought her eldest son to see a specialist at OHSU about a developmental issue. The doctor noticed the manner in which Keeley was clutching her hands together – a mannerism typical of Rett children.  Keeley is paralyzed, has no understandable speech and has a persistent seizure disorder despite considerable specialty treatment.  She communicates with her mother by crying and with eye contact.
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Jim Carlough
Jim Carlough, Sr. Manager
Provider Services

The CCO Transition

What will happen on September 1 with regard to the CCO initiative?
On September 1, three organizations will become wholly owned subsidiaries of CareOregon.  CareOregon will serve the operational and administrative needs of these organizations along with mental
health partners. The new CCOs are called Columbia Pacific CCO, Jackson Care Connect, and Primary Health of Josephine County.  

A fourth organization, Health Share (formerly Tri-County Medicaid Collaborative) is a consortium of hospitals, health plans, county systems, providers and agencies that have come together to form a non-profit coordinated care organization. Health Share will serve Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington counties. In this model, CareOregon will serve as one of the physical health partners, along with Kaiser, Legacy and Providence.  Mental Health will continue to be managed by the county mental health programs.
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The MAC Goes to Washington, DC

History books tell you stories of things that made history happen. They show you pictures of what they imagine happened. But, being in Washington, D.C., around all that history it literally jumps up and slaps you in the face.

All of a sudden all that I've read in history books and seen in movies comes into focus -- everything becomes emotional. Everywhere you look is part of history. Washington, D.C. -- until you get here you really don't fathom the amount of history that has occurred over hundreds of years. History books don't even explain the things that are here to see. It is powerful being this close to history.

MAC goes to Washington, DC
CareOregon staff Emily Katz and Tamara Petrojetti with our Member
Advisory Council visit Senator Merkley in Washington, DC
From left to right: Emily Katz, Charles Robertson, Senator Merkley,
Nancy Judkins, Kevin Rouse and Tamara Pedrojetti

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Mike Plunkett, DDS, MPH with Assistant Mundee Whitaker and patient

Dental Integration at CareOregon

It has long been known that oral health is an important part of overall health and dental diseases like periodontitis (also called periodontal disease), can negatively impact many chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes, and potentially lead to pre-term labor in pregnant moms.  We also know that dental pain from untreated tooth decay is a top reason for missed school days in children and visits to hospital emergency departments for adults.  One reason that dental access is such an issue is the lack of coordination between medical and dental providers, and the lack of integration of oral health in the overall health system.

Exciting News!  CareOregon, in collaboration with Multnomah County Health Department, has taken a big step toward putting the mouth back in the body. 
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Applause!Chantay Reid, Human Resources Director,
reflects on her 24-year career with CareOregon

On July 19 Chantay Reid, our Human Resources Director, celebrated her 24th service anniversary with CareOregon. Chantay shares her memories, challenges and changes over the past twenty four years at CareOregon.

Q. As you reflect on your 24 years of service with CareOregon what are your fondest memories?

A. I enjoy my work in HR, but my fondest memories are from my roles as a provider representative.  I loved going on site visits to my clinics in Southern Oregon, especially the Chiloquin Clinic and the Bonanza Clinic with family nurse practitioner Michael Sheets. 
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Kaleidoscope SoupHealthy Living - "Kaleidoscope" Soup

I LOVE to eat and I hate to waste any food!  So I put any and all leftovers, both fresh and cooked, quantities both small and large, in the freezer for future soups.  And I mean EVERYTHING! This soup can be made after work or cooked all day in a crockpot while you are working in the garden.  

With summer gardens and farmers' markets available now, here are some ideas.
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Rebecca's Salsa - First Prize Again!

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