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  Fall 2012   2012 Vol. 5
Rose Englert, Public Policy
Rose Englert, Public Policy
Election 2012: The Low Down from a Political
(and CareOregon) Insider

After months of the most rigorous and expensive campaigning ever seen in the U.S., Election Day has come and gone.  The big news item is, of course, President Barack Obama’s second term win, but that is far from the only story in the political world.  The following is a summary of the results at the state and national levels as well as a brief rundown of what the current political landscape means to CareOregon business and the future political discussions we will likely be having in 2013.

Federal Government- The Status Quo
Despite over a billion dollars of campaign expenditures, the makeup of the federal government really didn’t change.  The Democrats saw a slight increase in their U.S. Senate majority, but not enough to stop a filibuster or pass supermajority votes.  The U.S. House of Representatives remains in control of the Republican party. No congressional seats changed hands in Oregon and neither of our U.S. Senators were up for re-election.  

Some pundits think the lack of partisan shift in DC may lead to more of the gridlock the country has seen for the past two years.  We do know, however, that the “status quo” will give us at CareOregon some security that projects we are implementing will be safe from defunding or repeal.

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Jean Dillon, Pharmacy
Jean Dillon, Pharmacy
Pharmacy: Finding a Better Way

In December 2011, the Pharmacy Department switched to Contact Center, the same software system CareOregon’s Customer Service Department uses to track and handle calls.  The reason behind the decision to switch was two-fold:

Primarily we switched to this system in order to improve customer service.  The majority of phone calls that are transferred to the pharmacy department come from providers and pharmacies needing assistance with a medication.  It just didn’t make sense for them to call customer service and be transferred to the pharmacy department, when that is who they needed to reach in the beginning.

Secondarily, prior to the switch to Contact Center, there was not an accurate way to monitor the volume of phone calls the pharmacy department received on any given month.  Staff were manually counting how many calls they took each week and sending me that information which I loaded onto a spreadsheet. 
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Our member Shawna with son Jay.Shawna's Story
Shawna was a single mother with three teen-aged sons in August 2008 when her 19-year-old son Van was killed in a car accident.  At the time, Shawna owned a successful cosmetology salon in Central Point, Oregon. Her life changed forever when her son died.  “Everything in my life died and I was left alive.  I went into total shock.  I did not want to be alive.  The pain was so intense – physical, mental and emotional. But, I couldn’t cry she says.”
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Tom Kretz at the Ironman Canada finish line!
Tom Kretz, IS, at the Ironman
Canada finish line.
Staff Profile: An Ironman Among Us ...

Please tell us what motivated you to pursue the goal of competing in the Ironman Canada Triathlon?
. About 12 years ago I made a career change and went back to school. I had been a professional chef for 25 years and was burnt out on the business. I went back to school and earned a BS in IT in about three and half years. It was year-round and I was working full time as well. There was not much time for exercise, let alone training for any kind of race.

It was during this time that, as a graduation gift to myself, I decided to get into the sport of triathlon.  I finally finished school and that summer completed the Pacific Crest Olympic triathlon. I was hooked. From that point, I completed a number of Olympic distance and half Iron races over the next eight years or so. The Ironman distance consists of a 2.4 mile open water swim, 112 mile bike ride, and a full marathon. For a large number of triathletes the Ironman is the one race that is a must do and I felt that it was that way for me.

What training was involved to pursue this goal?
. The training program was almost a year. The fall and early winter months were spent on strength training and building a base fitness level. The real work began in the spring. I joined the Portland Triathlon Club Race Team (PTC) at the start of this year and with it we received an online training plan through Training Peaks.
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Read about accomplishments of our fellow staffers.

Rachel Hammer at Hood to Coast Relay ...
Rachel Hammer at Hood to
Coast Relay
, "I ran my first Hood to Coast at the end of August, completing my assigned legs under the estimated time and earned my team approximately 15 minutes extra time. My team, “Red Dress Express” also won Best Costume out of over 1000 teams.
, was married on August 18 and changed her name from Rose Cox to Rose Englert. She and her husband will leave on their honeymoon to Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia on November 15.

, has been going to school for most of the past four years.  During that time, while working full time,  she earned her  BS in Health Administration, graduating with honors.  In addition, this past September she received her MBA with the focus of Health Care Management also with honors.   Ida says “In the acceptance letter for my MBA I indicated that I want to be a bigger player in health care. I look forward to making that happen.”

In September , sat for and passed the exam to become a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM).  And more exciting news; Sarah and her husband Jason are expecting their first child mid-March 2013 … and  it’s a boy!
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