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Break Time!

The idea of a billiards tournament was brought to my attention by Nazer Frias from QI.  Nazer, Sage Milton, Ron Heberlein and I used to play quite a bit of billiards together, but then moved on to playing table tennis (“ping pong”).  When my co-worker, Scott Page, was hired last year, I found a new billiards buddy and began to play that game more. Then other people who saw us play also caught the bug, and it blossomed from there.

Billiards Tournament

Nazer asked if I would organize a billiards tournament for those who were playing regularly. It was a challenge to fit that in around my work, but the big plus was that I felt it would provide an opportunity to get to know others throughout the company.

We had 16 people play in the billiards tournament:

Geraldine Gilboy (CO Dental)
Lori Atkinson (Contracting)
Scott Page (Provider Relations)
Tyrone Starr (Provider Customer Service)
Mike Reed (Provider Customer Service)
Brad Thompson (Finance)
Eddie Laphanh (Finance)
Paul Peynado (Provider Relations)
Syreeta Spencer (Member Customer Service)
Trent Davis (CO-OP Member Services & Enrollment)
Erin Shaw (Care Management)
Mauricio Hernandez (Care Management)
Travis Fanucci (Care Management)
Tyler Hendershot (IS)
Ron Heberlein, aka “The Captain” (Credentialing)
Sage Milton (QI)
Nazer Frias (QI)

The tournament, which began Dec. 15, was a big success, involving people from many departments. Normally we would only encounter many of our co-workers in the elevator or bump into one another at an all staff meeting, but we would never really have a chance to have a one-on-one conversation. The billiards tournament provided this opportunity.  Strangers became acquaintances, acquaintances became friends, and friends became rivals. (Hehe!)  Overall, the goal of getting to know one another and having fun in the process was achieved. 

On Friday, Jan. 30, the group will gather at Rialto, a local pub located at 529 Southwest 4th Avenue, Portland, OR 97204, to celebrate the new year and new friendships, and to play more billiards! 

In the process of holding this tournament, I have gotten to know people like Tyler, become closer friends Scott, forged a friendship with Tyrone, and was able to bridge a gap with other departments.  The tournament was fun, competitive and, best of all, you got to meet the neat people of CareOregon by sharing a common interest.