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CCO Oregon works to increase understanding
and effectiveness of coordinated care organizations

According to a recent telephone poll of 600 Oregon voters commissioned by Invest in Oregon, 80 percent had little or no knowledge of CCOs, and half said they had never even heard the term.

CCO Oregon“That’s probably not too surprising, because even Oregon Health Plan members may not realize that they are part of a CCO,” says Martin Taylor, a CCO Oregon board member and CareOregon’s director of public policy and member centricity. “But it’s not so important that Oregonians know how CCOs work. It’s more important that they know how the Oregon Health Plan is improving the experience of care, improving the health of those it serves, and reducing the per capita costs of health care. We can do that by telling the story of CCOs from the point of view of our members.”

CCO Oregon is a nonprofit organization that works to facilitate health care transformation. The results of the poll were shared at the CCO Oregon Salem Summit on June 18. It showed that while there is plenty of opposition to health care reform in Oregon, voters still are strongly in favor of the goals of CCOs when they learn how they help people lead healthier lives and take charge of their own health.

“The takeaway from the poll is that we need to say that CCOs are good for Medicaid members, and for all of us,” Martin says. “Well over half of OHP members are children or expectant mothers. All Oregonians want children get a good start in life, and they support tax dollars going to prenatal care and well-child care. They know that this type of preventive care is very cost-saving, and is what everyone deserves.”

Voter Opinion Poll on Coordinated Care Organizations

Is health care reform making things better?
Health care reform is on the right track         39%
It’s going in the wrong direction                    37%
Don’t know                                                 23%

CCOs help people lead healthier lives and take charge of their own health.  79% agree
Oregon provides better care at lower costs, creating healthier communities. 79% agree