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Medicare sales team knows how to wow customers

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Last fall, a Multnomah County case manager referred a client named Varvara to Carrie Duffey, CareOregon Advantage Health Plan Consultant, hoping she could enroll her in CareOregon Advantage. The case manager wanted to help Varvara access some benefits she wasn’t getting through her current plan and provider.

Seven months and many phone calls and visits later, Varvara couldn’t be happier with the help she has received from CareOregon.

When Carrie’s work phone rang the other day, it was Varvara on the line. “You must come today,” she said. “I have cooked for you.” Although Carrie’s day was heavily booked, Varvara would not take no for an answer. Carrie went to her house and was delighted to find many authentic Russian dishes, each one more delicious than the next.

Varvara kept uncovering bowl after bowl of food, with one simple instruction: “Eat!” Although Carrie was honored to enjoy the meal, she feels that it was really a thank-you present to all of CareOregon. “So many employees helped her,” Carrie says. “What we do does make a difference!”

Varvara now considers herself more than a member. She says that she is now “part of CareOregon’s family.”

Stefanie Cao, Medicare Marketing Manager
Stefanie Cao
Marketing Manager

The CareOregon Advantage sales team is the public face of CareOregon and CareOregon Advantage Medicare plans. We are educators first, and salespeople second, as we serve as a resource to our community partners – including caseworkers, providers and members.

Very often we reach out to CareOregon employees, asking questions about their department’s services and operations. The reason we call is because we’re trying to assist our COA members and community partners who are having difficulty navigating our system or reaching the right person.

Good customer service is what the COA sales team is all about, as our Medicare offerings become an ever larger and more important to CareOregon. Our community partners appreciate the work our agents do during home visit, and they make many referrals to us. They will be happy to travel to a member’s home or other location, because they understand that most of our members are not ambulatory.

COA Member Varvara

CareOregon Advantage member Varvara thanked
health plan consultant Carrie Duffey by cooking
all of these authentic Russian dishes for her.

In all, more than 90 percent of sales to potential customers are done face-to-face. We check who their doctors are, what prescriptions they have and what durable medical equipment they use, to ensure they’ll have the coverage they want under our plan. We explain the prior authorization process for hospitalizations and surgery, help them take care of outstanding medical bills, and assist them fill out the COA membership application. We also communicate with the member’s doctors and caseworkers to ensure that transitioning onto our plan will be as easy as possible. Because the vision benefit often is the most important one for members, we set up eye appointments for right after enrollment so they don’t have to wait long for their new glasses. Our job is to see that every new member’s introduction to COA is a WOW experience!

One of our team members recently was able to secure a manual wheelchair for a client who needed both an electric and manual chair. Since our benefit only allows for one wheelchair, Carrie found a chair that one of her clients no longer needed and brought it to the other client.