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And the Emmy Award goes to … Martin Taylor!

Emmy nomination

Martin Taylor, director of public policy and community relations, actually did not come home with an Emmy Award. However, he was nominated for an Emmy from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for helping to produce an HBO documentary film in the category of Outstanding Business and Economic Reporting, Long Form.

“American Winter” is a moving and deeply revealing film. Filmed in the Portland area, it was partially funded by CareOregon to help our community, and the nation, better understand the struggles and barriers faced by our members, and others, who are without jobs or permanent housing.

“American Winter” follows eight families whose lives spiraled downward in the wake of the Great Recession, when so many who were living “normal” lives with jobs and mortgages were put out of work. Within months, many faced insecurities with food, housing and income. The movie shatters preconceptions about who the hungry and homeless are, and how they wind up in those circumstances. A common reaction viewers have to the documentary is, “That could happen to me.”

Martin arranged a special sneak peek of “American Winter” in 2013, held in the Learning Commons for 50 guests, including filmmakers Joe and Harry Ganz. A goal of the Ganz brothers was to help raise money to benefit those in need, but it was also to trigger change to the current economic policies that put protecting profits over jobs, leaving many without help or hope.

“CareOregon is working to break the cycle of poverty,” says Martin. “All of us here work each day to restore lives and build community well-being by removing barriers to health and opportunity. We don’t just provide health services to those who are poor – although we do a good job of that. We also give tools and support that help to remove poverty as a barrier to well-being. Through our day-to-day work, and innovative programs and projects like Health Resilience, Give2Get, Food Rx, M.E.D.S and Making Change, we are working to make Oregon’s communities stronger and individuals empowered to feel they can make a difference in their own lives.”

The film can be watched on HBO. To view a short clip from the film, please go to