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Opportunities available to join
a Human Centered Design team at CareOregon

Aurora Alonzo

When Aurora Alonzo accepted an invitation to participate in a design project lead by IDEO the summer of 2013, she had no idea the impact that this opportunity would have on her career at CareOregon.

Aurora was the Quality Improvement administrative assistant at the time. She participated in the prototype and then the pilot project of Give2Get. She is now an ambassador for Human Centered Design (HCD), a methodology that creates deep empathy between the designer and the end user.

After her exposure to HCD, Aurora gained a number of insights. “ It was exciting to rely on being intuitive, recognizing patterns and putting together ideas in a way that allowed me to express myself in a meaningful way and then use analytical tools to operationalize that expression,” she says. “One of the things that is inspiring about HCD is that nothing is discounted. It provides the freedom to be at ease with ambiguity and the unknown while keeping every possibility open.”

Currently, as a quality improvement project coordinator in the new Network and Clinical Support Department, Aurora works on member and provider incentive programs. She also is leading a workgroup to make recommendations about incentive programs for 2015.

In Aurora’s current position, having experience with HCD is very beneficial. “I think about our processes in a completely different way, and go directly to the source to figure out how to work with each department at CareOregon, each clinic and each member in a way that is relevant to them,” she says. “This makes my work even more satisfying.”

If you have not experienced Human Centered Design, you are missing a great opportunity. So far, 105 employees have attended a workshop, and 18 have participated in a prototype team. Being part of generating an idea to help our members improve their lives can be very rewarding. It could also help guide the path of your career at CareOregon and advance your leadership skills.

To become an HCD ambassador, please speak with your manager.