CareOregon SPIRIT

CareOregon pursues human-centered design

Human Centered Team

CareOregon’s human centered design work is taking off! A year and a half ago, we started working with IDEO, the renowned design firm known for creating the first computer mouse, the OXO line of kitchen tools, and many other products and services that are used around the world. IDEO was drawn to CareOregon’s mission and wanted to be a part of our efforts to improve the health and well-being of our members in a time of incredible change in health care.

IDEO pioneered the methodology called human centered design. It uses empathy exercises and brainstorming to deeply understand the needs of the customer, then prototyping and piloting processes to generate new “offers.”

A year ago, IDEO led day-long workshops for 100 CareOregonians to think about health and well-being in a new way. That work led to three new initiatives: Give2Get™, Food Rx™ and MyEasyDrugSystem (M.E.D.S.)™. Each of them reframes the vision of what constitutes health and well-being: health=social ties; health=food; and health=medication management.

Ideas and suggestions for the human-design team can be sent to Lucia Lindell at, Jenifer Pratt at, or Barbara Kohnen Adriance at

Please take a look at a couple of videos below about Food Rx to get a flavor of how we connect providers, clinical education and easy access to healthy food. We are very excited about watching these three projects grow over the next months to improve health outcomes, member satisfaction and cost. A fourth initiative, CareOregon Goes Mobile, will continue to guide CareOregon’s approach to outreach and community building.

A patient’s perspective on Food Rx

Overview of the Food Rx Pilot

This summer, another 40 CareOregon employees had the opportunity to attend workshops facilitated by our new design experts, who include Lucia Lindell, Theron Post, Rebecca Ramsay, Krissy Van Doorn Logan, Tom Wunderlich, Aurora Alonzo, Rose Englert and me.  The design challenge was to create an easy, personalized and delightful experience for people new to the Oregon Health Plan who are navigating the system for the first time. Our first team will begin to unpack the concepts that emerged from the workshops, plan experiments and prototype a solution. We are planning to generate new ideas and projects every six months.

The most innovative aspect of this work is that all of these new projects were developed by you! CareOregonians developed the concepts, voted on them, staffed the prototyping and pilot teams and launched the projects. So if you would like to get involved, please tell us what the name of our team should be.