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A Visit to Kashmir

A visit to Kashmir
At the Shalimar Garden in Kashmir.
Arunima photographed her son hopping
on the stones in the first pavilion.

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Spotting a chance posting on a childhood friend's Facebook page set the ball rolling for our visit to Kashmir, a trip that we can never forget. Gardens, art, architecture, handicrafts and pristine natural beauty make the Kashmir Valley special.

India’s northernmost region and crown jewel, Kashmir includes the valley between the Great Himalayas and the Pir Panjal range. It’s where the capital city Srinagar is located, with Ladakh to its north and Jammu to the south.

The state has, since historical times, had rulers who were Hindu, Muslim and even Buddhist. Kashmir flourished here initially in the first half of the millennium. It has a unique geography in that it shares borders with Pakistan, Afghanistan and China. Known for its extravagant natural beauty, this land formed part of a caravan route in ancient times.

Kashmir has had a turbulent two decades, with political turmoil, insurgency and strife forcing a large number of its denizens to flee in search of a better future. However, in the past two years relative calm has prevailed, and tourists have once again begun to make their forays into this beautiful land. I have segmented our wanderings in Kashmir into four parts.

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