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Kevin Brooks, Digital Marketing Manager

Kevin Brooks, digital marketing
manager, employs social media
to spread the CareOregon brand.

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As a CareOregon employee, your presence on social media is a reflection of the company as a whole. That’s why I encourage all employees to join LinkedIn and create a professional online persona to help us grow awareness and understanding of our company and those who make it go.

It’s a very common practice for companies, both profit and nonprofit, to encourage employees to grow their personal and professional online networks by joining industry and job-related functional groups. In fact, there are some 2 million professional groups, so it will be easy to find some that fit our industry (health insurance) and your job function.

CareOregon has a company LinkedIn page that everyone can access. Our goal for the postings on the page is to present CareOregon and our employees as innovators and knowledge leaders in the health care industry.

Please note that, as a visitor, if you are not logged in you will be redirected to the login page. Likewise, if you are not a member, you will redirected to the sign up page.

CareOregon also has a group page that’s open only to employees. Its purpose is to serve as a forum for news and information that’s relevant to CareOregon.

Employees are encouraged to submit content to the page that fits the following criteria:

1. No Personal Health Information (PHI)
2. Professional decorum at all times
3. To be considered for posting, an article should:
Mention CareOregon -or-
Mention an employee of CareOregon - or -
Mention a new policy or procedure of CareOregon - or -
Mention news or events associated with CareOregon
4. All submitted content will be reviewed and approved before being posted

joined CareOregon three months ago as our digital marketing manager. In this role he'll be responsible for developing and implementing a digital marketing infrastructure. Please stop by Kevin's office on the third floor to introduce yourself and say hello.

To give you more background on, it’s the world’s largest professional networking website – used as both a personal and business resource. As a personal resource, LinkedIn it helps with networking, job search and staying current on your field and industry. As a business resource, LinkedIn is used for recruiting, lead generation and other marketing-related functions.

LinkedIn helps CareOregon tell its story, giving visitors a look into our brand, our products, our goals and even our personality. Potential customers, business partners, suppliers and job seekers can learn about our culture before conducting business with us. LinkedIn also works the other way around. You can use LinkedIn to research your competition, potential partners, suppliers and prospective employees.

For CareOregon, LinkedIn has a number of different audiences, including: legislators, health care providers, health care knowledge leaders, business leaders and future employees, just to name a few.

Thanks for joining the conversation, and bringing the work of CareOregon to the larger community.