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Children’s Institute honors Lynn Lundquist

Lynn Lundquist, who passed away April 9, 2013, was a strong advocate for children’s issues. A former speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives, Lynn was a member of CareOregon’s board of directors at the time of his death. Lynn, a rancher from central Oregon, also was a devoted parent to the eight natural and adopted children he and his wife raised there.

Lynn Lundquist
Lynn Lundquist

“Lynn represented everything that is good about America,” says Patrick Curran, CareOregon’s CEO. “He was a hard-working farmer and rancher, an honest and principled legislator, a smart and insightful businessman, and a tireless advocate for others. He had a special passion for improving and integrating health and education, two areas that Lynn viewed as critical to our future and our children’s future. It is a deserving tribute to Lynn that he received this honor, and wonderful that Barb accepted on his behalf.”

As a tribute to his devotion to the needs of children, the Children’s Institute named Lynn as the recipient of the second annual Alexander Award at the Portland nonprofit’s “Make It Your Business” lunch and award ceremony on April 3. Barb Lundquist accepted the award on behalf of her husband.

Among his many other roles and accomplishments, Lynn was co-chair of the Institute’s “Ready For School” campaign, which is supported by CareOregon, along with many other organizations and individuals. It promotes early childhood learning programs, such as Oregon Head Start Pre-Kindergarten and Healthy Start.

Lynn’s work helped lead the way for the Oregon Legislature to pass bills that created the Early Learning Council and the 16 Early Learning Hubs around the state. The Hubs will coordinate and tailor services to help make sure that children are both healthy and successful in school. All Coordinated Care Organizations in Oregon will work closely with the Hubs.

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