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Operation Write Home

Employees send reminders of home to soldiers overseas

Jan Laney
Jan Laney
Barbara Lowrie
Barbara Lowrie
Operation Write Home was formed in 2007 by a group of card makers to show support for our military personnel. These handmade greeting cards are used by our soldiers to write to their family and friends. We became involved in 2013 when my sister-in-law invited us to join the program.

Our military is special to both of us. Barbara was a Specialist 4 in the Army, and Jan’s son was in the Air Force. Making cards for our soldiers is our way of supporting the military and their families.

We get together on weekends every few months to make various themed cards. To date, we have made and shipped 1540 cards to Operation Write Home.

For more information, go to

Operation Write Home cards made by Jan Laney and Barb Lowrie
Examples of some of the Operation Write Home
cards made by Jan and Barb.
Operation Write Home also has a program called AnyHero, for those who want to write a letter that will be given randomly to a soldier serving overseas. Generally, when you send off your box of homemade cards, you also include some AnyHero mail.

Jan’s daughter is a school librarian, and recently had her kids write poems to the Heroes. I think there were about 150 created.

My sister-in-law had her daycare kids do some coloring sheets, and the staff filled in comments the kids wanted to include. So cute!

I have written some AnyHero cards to soldiers. Basically, they’re messages of gratitude and encouragement. Sometimes I tell them a little about myself, that both my husband and I are veterans and how much we appreciate what they’re doing for our country. I also tell them a little about what’s going on here in Oregon, the weather and upcoming events – basically anything that will keep them in touch with home. I’ve include cutout comics from the newspaper, a scenic photo or a picture of my dog.

I have not had a reply but don’t really expect it. My goal is to put a smile on their face and remind them of home.

AnyHero mail does not need to be a handmade card. The website has coloring sheets you can download. There are rules that must be followed, such as no dates or any negative news, and not using glitter (it can rub off on our Heroes’ uniforms and be seen by night vision goggles). All the rules are on the website. If anyone at CareOregon would like to send AnyHero mail, that would be wonderful!

You can read more about it at