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CareOregon celebrates twentieth anniversary

We Applaud the SPIRITED Award Winners 2014

In observance of the 20th Anniversary of CareOregon, a new award was created to bring attention to our SPIRITED Values and to celebrate some of the CareOregonians who demonstrate the values in their work.

All employees were invited to nominate their co-workers for a SPIRITED Award. The online form asked nominators to indicate which SPIRITED Value the nominated employee embodies, and how that value is expressed in action.

From the 83 employees nominated for an award, panels of employees from every level and department selected eight SPIRITED Award winners – one for each SPIRITED Value.

Here is the list of everyone who was nominated (quite a few by more than one person!), as well as a short write-up about the winners taken from the nomination form.

Congratulations to everyone whose co-workers said they represent our SPIRITED Values of Service, Passion, Initiative, Results, Innovation, Teamwork, Equity and Diversity.

Look for more information soon about our SPIRITED Values, as we work to embody them at CareOregon in service to our members, our providers, our co-workers and our community partners.

SPIRITED Award Nominees:

Karl Berry, Care Management
Tina Bogan, Mailroom
Erik Carter, Customer Service
Stacey Conley, Medicare Services & Enrollment
Sheriva Chan, Enrollment
Colleen Crace, Information Services
Jacob Frahler, CO-OP Enrollment
Debbi Haren, Care Innovation
Linda Hedrick, Medicare Services & Enrollment
Mauricio Hernandez, Care Management
Cristie Lende, Information Services

David Lima, CareOregon Advantage
Kristen Logan, Medical Management/Care Management
Breanne LoRusso, Provider Services
Peggy Loveless, Care Management
Tamara Pedrojetti, Community Relations
Carlos Rodriguez, Pharmacy
Christie Sanger, CO-OP Enrollment & Member Services
Sherianne Tam, Quality Improvement
Yolanda Taylor, CO-OP Customer Service
Trisha Trump, Claims

Karl Berry, Care Management
Sue Biglin, Claims
Stefanie Cao, CareOregon Advantage
Lizzie Cunningham, Center for Care Innovation
Katherine Ellis, Chief Operating Officer
Karen Gonzales, Customer Service
Eleanor Gorman, Communications
Keith Hagan, Quality Improvement
Rachel Hammer, Center for Care Innovation
Steve Hoffman, Audit and Compliance
Tami Jensen, Member Services
Breanne LoRusso, Customer Service
Laurie Meichtry, Finance
Tamara Pedrojetti, Public Policy & Community Relations
Rhonda Palos, Human Resources

Julia Pirani, OPEX
Terri Schwartz, MM/Care Support
Shelly Seals, Care Management
Erin Shaw, Care Management
Nicole Strunk, Customer Service
Kristian VanDoorn-Logan, Care Management
Aubry Watson, Customer Service
Chuck Williams, Communication

Mary Bauer, Pharmacy
Stefanie Cao, CareOregon Advantage
Patti Guynes, Customer Service
Jennifer L’Amoreaux, Information Services
Judith Bicknell, Care Management
Vicki Greenwald, Human Resources
Jennifer Lane, Quality Initiatives
Cristie Lende, Information Services
BingBing Liang, Pharmacy

Deb Solders, CO-OP Member Services & Enrollment
Jennifer Stoner, Human Resources
Joclyn Tosch, Quality Improvement
Aubry Watson, Customer Service
Chuck Williams, Communications

Mary Bauer, Pharmacy
Kate Koustareva, Finance
Teresa Learn, Finance
Robyn Lockwood, Provider Relations
Nicole Naegeli, Information Services
Dan Rasmussen, Information Services
Ben Roussel, Information Services

Jennifer Tschacher, Information Services
Kristi Youngs, Care Management

Amy Barnwell, Information Services
Eric Carter, Customer Service

Renee Coker, Pharmacy
Nancy Knopf, Columbia Pacific CCO
Claire Ranit, Columbia Pacific CCO
Mindy Stadtlander, Center for Care Innovation
Kristian VanDoorn-Logan, Care Management
Tom Wunderlich, Public Policy

Lisa Achilles, Health Resilience
Amy Barnwell, Information Systems

Judy Bicknell, Care Management

Diane Bocking-Byrd, Care Management
Robin Brown, Quality Improvement
Erik Carter, Provider Customer Service

CCO Care Management Team
Norberto Chavero, MM/Utilization Management
Mimi Haley, Columbia Pacific CCO
Sherri Hanni, Public Policy
Mary Hill, Mailroom
Pat Holencik, Claims
Criste Lende, Information Services
Paula Lewitz, Claims
Brian McManus, Provider Services
Lucia Lindell, Business Development/Innovation
Peggy Loveless, Care Management
Sage Milton, Quality Improvement
Mary O’Neill, Information Services
Pharmacy Unit
Rebecca Ray, OPEX
Kinh Reynolds, Finance
Terri Schwarz, MM/Care Support
Sherianne Tam, Quality Improvement
Aubry Watson, Customer Service
Kim Wiseman, Care Management


Angelette Hamilton, Care Management
Joseph Sullivan, Customer Service


Karen Matilla, Member Services
Diane Bocking, MM/Utilization Management
Paula Lewitz

Paula Lewitz, Claims
It’s hard picking just one value for Paula. She has a passion for what she does, she shows teamwork, takes initiative and gets results. Perhaps service is the right value, since she provides a much needed service to our providers by helping the Network Relations team resolve many claims issues from our providers. Paula has always been willing to do whatever is needed. She reaches out to providers when appropriate, she is willing to go to meetings, take conference calls, and provides trainings on any issue. She also is very patient when things don’t resolve as quickly as hoped. We are confident that when we send an issue to Paula, she will take care of it in a timely, efficient way, which gives better service to providers. Paula’s work encompasses the true spirit of service.

Lisa Pearlstein

Lisa Pearlstein, Health Resilience
Our team is imbedded in both primary care and specialty clinics, and we work in the community. We maintain a multitude of relationships across cultural lines. Often in social work and social justice work, one can form an allegiance or identify only with one marginalized group or individual, but Lisa maintains a broader view. She is quick to tell a story that humanizes relationships and calms conflicts. This is invaluable as a leader and an ambassador for our program in the community. She believes that we can get through conflicts among ourselves, and she supports people in being transparent and empowers them to share their thoughts and experiences. I believe that, in the long run, this affords us more longevity in our work. She always helps us come back around to what really matters – our shared humanity.

Erin Shaw

Erin Shaw, Care Management
Going to work with Oregon’s Health CO-OP, Erin came into a process that was not set in stone. She was able to recognize opportunities and identify new practices, taking action to address issues as they came up. She has been open to ways of adding value to the work done on behalf of our members – treating each as a unique opportunity to provide a value-added service. She is not afraid of change, and seizes it to improve her work and the work of her team. She brings best practices to her daily work.

William Scriven

William Scriven, Communications
William is one of the unsung heroes of this organization.

He has unfailingly represented each of the SPIRITED Values. For more than five years, he mailed out and processed returns for at least 700 health status assessment surveys each month, doing it successfully over and over again without a single failure. Doing this with consistent grace under pressure and cheerful service requires much more than meets the eye. In fact, William is one of those people whose service and performance is so consistently excellent that we come to take it for granted.

William’s lively intelligence, attention to detail, organization and planning skills, proactive initiative and willingness to innovate are such dependable qualities that they become almost invisible. Yet, day in and day out, he quietly deploys them to produce exceptional results. We also value William’s warmth, good humor and compassion – even under immense time pressure and demands. When you interact with him you experience feeling valued and cared about as a colleague and a customer. His consistent, responsible, efficient and dedicated service embodies the true essence of SPIRITED Values.

Norberto Chavero

Norberto Chavero, MM/Utilization Management
Care Management’s recent explosion of incoming service requests from new members resulted our inability to maintain fast turnaround times, leading to a lot of staff stress and sense that we were failing our members and providers. Norberto suggested we switch from individual alpha split queues to common queue, where everyone pulls work tasks from the top, so that requests most in need of attention get dealt with in a timely way – even when there are staff absences. Shortly after Prior Auth assistants piloted the plan, it became obvious what a positive impact it had on our workflow. Prior Auth RNs adopted the plan, and now we can’t believe we didn’t do this earlier! We are really blessed to have such an individual as Norberto in our department.

Karl Berry

Karl Berry, MM/Care Support
Karl is one of the most enthusiastic people I have ever met. He always jumps in to help not only his immediate team, but the entire department. He is flexible and goes where the need is with a positive attitude. He is one of the best resources in our department. He’s been around a long time, and his caring team-player attitude has developed key connections in departments throughout the company. He’s able to inform us about other department processes, and reach out to his connections to get help for his teammates. He is one of the best things about coming to work here. I am greeted each day with kindness, acceptance and support.

Martin Campos

Martin Campos, Claims
It doesn’t matter what time of day or how many different projects Martin has going on. He always makes time for anyone that asks that of him, and he always treats everyone with respect and in an unbiased manner. Martin is a pleasure to work with because of his calm and fair approach to all issues. I consider myself lucky to have him as a co-worker.

Lucia Lindell

Lucia Lindell, Business Development/Innovation
Lucia demonstrates all of the SPIRITED Values, but especially the Value of Diversity. She is genuinely interested in every person she interacts with. She is open to learning what others think, feel, are up against and excited about. Lucia embraces difference with an open mind. She has a fun-loving and inclusive approach to her colleagues, to members, and to the many people she now reaches through her new position as Design Team Lead.


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