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Yamhill CCO will have a new name

Jim Carlough, Executive Director, Yamhill Community Care Organization
Jim Carlough
Executive Director,
Yamhill Community
Care Organization

By this summer, Yamhill County Care Organization will officially adopt a new name: Yamhill Community Care Organization.

The change is small, but significant, says YCCO Executive Director Jim Carlough. “While we are the CCO for Medicaid members living in Yamhill County, we aren’t an agency of Yamhill County. We’re a private, nonprofit organization that partners with many public and private community organizations and providers, and that was a confusion for a lot of people.”

YCCO, which has a management services agreement with CareOregon to provide administrative services, has enjoyed steady growth after its founding in November 2012. Since the start of 2014, it has added nearly 6,000 new members. Membership now totals approximately 27,000 members—roughly the same size as Columbia Pacific CCO, which CareOregon also supports.

In addition to funding seven “Invest Forward” projects to address health needs identified by the community, YCCO has been working with the Yamhill Early Childhood Coordinating Council to help set up an Early Learning Hub – one of six approved statewide. Hubs help daycare providers, pediatricians, schools, social services and public health centers coordinate their efforts to help ensure that children enter public school ready to learn.

In July, YCCO will begin integration of dental care for members, to go along with existing physical health and mental health services. It also will be moving into new offices in McMinnville.