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Member Advisory Council Float at
Portland Rose Festival Starlight Parade

Portland Rose Festival Starlight Parade CareOregon Float
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CareOregon’s Member Advisory Council hosted a float in the Rose Festival Starlight Parade. The float was organized by Tamara Pedrojetti from CareOregon’s Member Centricity Team.  This is the first time we have done something like this., and what transpired was much more than any of us expected.

As our float moved along the parade route we received an outburst of community support far beyond words.

At points people screamed, “We love you CareOregon."  People approached us with stories of how CareOregon changed their life.  Several times we had groups of people stand and cheer.   It was actually a little surreal.

We know that what we do impact the lives of our members and our community. But for most of us this is a filtered relationship with doctors and hospitals between us and the experience of the members.  It is hard to know if the members even realize the role of CareOregon in their care.

Our members do know… our community knows. 

Personally, I spent much of the parade choked up.  I wish each person who works here could have shared this experience.  I have never been more proud to work here or more proud of each of us or more sure that my work is making a difference.

Tamara Pedrojetti
Tamara Pedrojetti
"Participation in the Starlight Parade was the MAC’s idea, one which has been in the works for two years. 

It has been a pleasure to work with MAC members on this project as their enthusiasm and the excitement of the volunteers from CareOregon made this an experience that we hope to continue in the years to come.  Thank you to CareOregon’s MAC and to the staff from COA and the CO-OP for your help in making this a winning idea…the MAC’s Starlight Parade float won 2nd prize in our division!."

Tamara Pedrojetti
Member Centricity program coordinator

“The emotion of the crowd was awesome and powerful. Although I left the parade with a hoarse voice and sore feet, I felt blessed by the experience!

A huge thank you to Tamara for coordinating the event and float -- you do amazing work. Another thank you to our team of CO employees who showed up to scream, give high five's to the crowd, and show the community our CareOregon Spirit.

I can't wait for next year!”

Stefanie Cao
market manager

CareOregon and Oregon’s
Health CO-OP Team
participating in the parade

Tamara Pedrojetti (team leader)
Stefanie Cao
Peggy Grunden
Karla Tupper
Greg Murphy
Terri Boone
Rachel Harmer
Breanne Alejandre
Karen Gonzales
Charlene Fox
Janet Jaenke