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Who Cares? CareOregon staff newsletter

Who cares about taking a look back at our history?

As CareOregon celebrates its 20th anniversary – very much looking to the future of our organization – it’s also helpful to take a glimpse back at our beginnings, when we stretched and grew as a young company.

Who Cares?, the employee newsletter in those early years, was edited by Chantay Reid, now our HR director. It gives a glimpse into the day-to-day events of CareOregon’s history.

Below are links to issues of Who Cares? from September 2000 through February 2001. They are truly a time capsule!

Look closely at the tagline on the masthead of WhoCares?: “A newsletter for 75+ people who do ....” Yes, we have grown!

And from the December 2000 newsletter: "The smiling face of CareOregon, Ms. Nita Freeman, has returned to her familiar spot at the front desk." But not everything has changed!

Another excerpt from the December 2000 issue announced a new employee, Dr. David Labby: "Before becoming a medical doctor, David got his PhD in Anthropology, worked among a group of people in Micronesia, and published several papers. He then left the University of Chicago and moved between Portland, Chicago, and Gary, Indiana, working as a social activist, community organizer, and union activist among farmworkers, neighborhoods, and steelworkers. In the late 1980s, amidst layoffs in the steel plant, where he and his wife were employed, both decided to go into medicine, where they could continue helping others. When he’s not at work, David enjoys skiing, hiking, camping, cooking, and sea kayaking."

Graphic designer Vicki Moser coordinated the look of the newsletter as a contractor, well before joining the company in 2012 as a regular employee.